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Dining Facility Upgrades

Boise State University

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Construction Adminstration

Boise, Idaho


Project Details

Working with Aramark, the SMS design team recently completed construction on three new dining options at Boise State University, with a fourth option designed and expected to start construction spring next year.

Moe’s, Freshii, and a Provisions-On-Demand store were all added to the Boise State Campus. These modernizations replaced existing dining vendors, and included updating to more contemporary aesthetic. Brighter, energy efficient lighting was added, along with infrastructure updates to the mechanical and plumbing systems. New finishes completed the dining spaces, and supported the franchise branding.

A tight timeline meant that these projects required careful coordination to meet schedule constraints. Beginning with schematic design, the team visited the site just once to take measurements, then conducted regular project meetings via teleconference. Progressing from schematic design through construction documents took less than a month, and construction lasted approximately two months for each project.

The projects construction timelines were staggered but concurrent, and planned for the summer months when the facilities would be less used than during the academic year. Construction administration was supported remotely, and a successful working relationship with the contractor led to the ultimate success of these projects.

Perhaps the most challenging part of these projects was achieving consensus between the university, Aramark, and the franchise owner. The SMS design team facilitated the design process to maintain branding while working within the larger dining facility space. All three projects were completed successfully on time and budget.

A Starbucks is also planned for the campus and will be added early next year.