Green Lake Elementary School Lunchroom

Seattle Public Schools

Project Info

Construction Administration

8,090 SF

Seattle, Washington


Project Details

The existing school did not have a dedicated cafeteria, and the kitchen was small and inefficient. The new light-filled space serves as a true multipurpose facility that adds value to the school and the community. The new 8,090 SF addition contains a kitchen, restrooms, stage/platform and music classroom area designed to accommodate flexible programs, including small group instruction, plays, and lunch service.

A major goal was to add cost-effective sustainability features that worked with the science/environmental education programs at school. These include: daylight harvesting, rain water collection, solar water heating, green walls, over-insulated walls and roof, composting area, and a small green roof. Although not required to meet Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP), the project well exceeds it.

The addition was situated directly behind an existing learning garden. Integral to the school’s environmental education program, the design team sited the structure to preserve and enhance the learning garden and maximize solar gain.