Marysville Tulalip Campus

Marysville School District

Project Info

Construction Adminstration

85,000 SF

Marysville, Washington


Project Details

The design for the new Marysville Secondary Campus houses 700 students in three diverse programs with shared campus wide facilities. The challenge was creating a facility that is modular, fully “portable” by OSPI standards, but looks and feels like a conventionally constructed building complex. The custom designed school was built in modular sections in a factory. The more than 200 pieces were trucked to the site and the building was reassembled by crane.

Heritage High School (Tulalip Tribe): In combination with District curriculum, this course of study will help all students better understand the many ways in which tribes and their cultures have influenced, and continue to influence, our local, state, national and world communities.

Arts & Technology High School: Focusing on the integration of arts and technology into all aspects of learning.

10th Street Middle School: This program focuses on music education and weaves it into standard middle school curriculum.